Convoy No Voyage 1941 Notes
BM.9B Bombay to Singapore 22/12/1941 600 troops, detached 27/12/1941 for Colombo
Convoy No Voyage 1942 Notes
BA.13 Bombay to Aden 27/01/1942  
BA.20 Bombay to Aden 08/04/1942  
BA.27 Bombay to Aden 05/07/1942  
BP.53 Bombay to Basra 27/08/1942  
BP.57 Bombay to Bandar Abbas 09/10/1942  
PB.8 Bandar Abbas to Bombay 22/10/1942  
BA.33 Bombay to ? 06/11/1942 Independent from 53E
AB.4 Aden to Bombay 02/12/1942  
BP.63 Bombay to Bandar Abbas 15/12/1942  
Convoy No Voyage 1943 Notes
BA.38 Bombay to Aden 24/02/1943  
AB.6 Aden to Bombay 04/04/1943  
BP.76 Bombay to Bandar Abbas 17/04/1943  
BP.77 Bombay to Bandar Abbas 22/04/1943  
PA.38 Bandar Abbas to Aden 09/05/1943  
KMS 016 Algiers 18/06/1943  
MWS.38 Alexandria to Syracuse 18/07/1943  
GTX.3 Gibraltar to Port Said 21/06/1943  
MKS 021 Alexandria to Sfax 03/08/1943  
KMS 022 Alexandria 19/08/1943 Malta to Alexandria
GUS.14 Alexandria to Hampton Roads 30/08/1943 Alexandria to Malta
KMS 025 Passed Gibraltar 10/09/1943  
UGS.18 Hampton Roads to Port Said 15/09/1943 Malta to Alexandria
MKS 026 Alexandria to Augusta 24/09/1943  
GUS.17 Alexandria to Hampton Roads 29/09/1943 Malta to Tripoli
MKS 029  Alexandria to Gibraltar 24/10/1943  
AH .7 Augusta to Barletta 01/11/1943  
KMS 030 Philippeville 04/11/1943  
MKS 032 Alexandria to Augusta 27/11/1943 Augusta
AH.10A Augusta to Bari 29/11/1943  
HA.10A Bari To Augusta 03/12/1943  
KMS 034 Gibraltar to Port Said 09/12/1943 Malta to ?
MKS 033 Augusta to Malta 13/12/1943 arrived Gibraltar
GUS.26 Port Said to Hampton Roads 26/12/1943 Alexandria to Malta
Convoy No Voyage 1944 Notes
KMS 036 Gibraltar to Port Said 06/01/1944 Malta to Alexandria
GUS.29 Port Said to Hampton Roads 25/01/1944  
UGS.30 Hampton Roads to Port Said 14/01/1944 Malta to Port Said
AKD.17A Aden to Durban 08/03/1944  
CM.50 Durban to Kilindini 05/04/1944  
KR.9B Kilindini to Colombo 15/04/1944 Called Seychelles 19-21/04/1944 
BP.115 Bombay to Bandar Abbas 12/05/1944  
PB.78 Bandar Abbas to Karachi 25/05/1944  
PB.82 Bandar Abbas to Bombay 14/07/1944  
PB.83 Bandar Abbas to Bombay 05/08/1944  
BP.117 Bombay to Bandar Abbas 17/08/1944 Independent from Hormus Strait
PB.84 Bandar Abbas to Bombay 28/08/1944  
BA.78A Bombay to Aden 14/09/1944  
ABF.4A Aden to Bombay 03/10/1944  
BAF.5A Bombay to Aden 16/10/1944  
ABF.5B Aden to Bombay 12/11/1944  
BAF.6A Bombay to Aden 23/11/1944  
MC.14 Aden to Kilindini 14/12/1944  
MC.14/1 Kilindini to Durban 24/12/1944  
Convoy No Voyage 1945 Notes
CM.60A Durban to Kilindini 01/02/1945  
CM.60A1 Kilindini to Aden 10/02/1945  
KR.21A Calcutta to Rangoon 25/07/1945  
RK.15A Rangoon to (Dispersed 19N, 90E) 28/07/1945  


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