ss. Kenya


Official Number Date Builder Tonnage L B D Fate
162509 1930 Stephens and Sons, UK 9,890 487.1 64 29 Broken up 1970
Capt H.M. Macdonald - Master 1939


1930 August 27th - Launched.
" December 19th - Delivered as Kenya for the British India Steam Navigation Company.
1940 Left Bombay in convoy for Europe and Government service.
1941 July 23rd - Renamed HMS Hydra while serving for the Royal Navy.

1941 October - Converted into a Landing Ship. She was renamed HMS Keren due to there already being a cruiser named
Kenya. She carried 297 crew, 1,500 troops and was equipped with 24 landing craft. She had 1 6-inch, 1 3-inch and 12 20mm AA guns.
1942 May 5th - Was present at the Diego Suarez Madagascar landings.
" December - Present at the North African landings.
1943 July - One of the assault ships at the Sicily invasion, Operation Husky. She was the Headquarter Ship for ‘Bark East’ Sector and carried the 231st Infantry Brigade.
1946 April 3rd - The British India Steam Navigation Company did not wish to reconvert the vessel after the War. She was purchased by the Admiralty for £475,000 who then sold her to the Ministry of Transport.
1948 August - Laid up at Holy Loch for sale.
1949 February - Broke adrift from her moorings in a gale went ashore. Later salvaged and repaired at her builders from which she emerged once again as Kenya.
" May - Bought by the Alva Steamship Company but still laid up at Holy Loch. She was relocated to Falmouth and then to Antwerp. She was renamed Fairstone later that year.
1950 Renamed Kenya.
" October - Left in tow for Falmouth.
1951 March - Left Falmouth, bound for Antwerp under her new name Keren. She was transferred to the associated Sitmar Line (Soc Italiana Transporti Marittimi) and was towed to Genoa for a refit.
1952 Renamed Castel Felice. Re-measured. Now 12,478 grt, 7,373 nrt, 5,210 tons. Her passenger capacity now 1,400.
" October 6th - Placed on the Genoa/Sydney and Genoa/South America service.
1954 July 13th - First sailing from Bremerhaven/Quebec.
1955 January 28th - Her passenger accommodation was refurbished at Genoa and the capacity was altered to 1,173 tourist class.
1958 April 6th - Made her first voyage Southampton/Sydney.
1960 March - Suffered damage to one of her propellers by touching the bank of the Suez Canal but at a reduced speed she was able to complete the voyage to Melbourne where repairs were carried out.
1961 Withdrawn for refit. Now 1,400 tourist class passengers.
1968 Ownership transferred to a newly-created subsidiary company named Passenger Line Service Inc.
1970 August 15th - Suffered a fire over three decks while she was berthed at Southampton.
October 21st - Arrived at Kaohsiung and broken up after 40 years of service.


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