ss. Nirvana


Official Number Date Builder Tonnage L B D Fate
136329 1914 W Gray & Co Ltd 6031 450.5 56.0 29.7 Broken up 1948
Capt H.M. Macdonald- Master 1937-1938


1914 September 3rd - Launched.
" October 27th - Ran trials and delivered as Nirvana for the British India Steam Navigation Company. She was one of two N-class ships along with her sister Nirpura.
1915 Requisitioned as an Indian Expeditionary Force transport.
1917 April 17th - Struck a mine laid by UC70 6.5km (4 miles) south of the Nab en route from Le Havre to Southampton with Government stores. She was towed into port and repaired.
1918 May 29th - Missed by a torpedo from UB57 when sailing in the English Channel.

" Served two months in the service of the French Government.
1921 July 18th - Fire broke out in her ‘tween decks while she was loading at Middlesbrough. There was extensive damage to her cargo, although the ship itself sustained minimal damage.
1924 April 30th - Struck a quay wall when she entered Queen Alexandra Dock at Cardiff and sustained damage to the port bow.
1927 October - A leak was discovered in her No.1 hold when she was 150 miles east of Socotra on her way from Fremantle to Britain. She arrived at Aden on 31st of October where her cargo had to be discharged to enable repairs to be carried out.
1928 January 24th - Ran aground at Shoalwater Point, Spencer Gulf on an outward voyage from Newport to Brisbane. She was refloated by her own efforts and once she was berthed, it was realised that she only sustained minimal damage.
1936 January 6th - Fractured a plate below the waterline while in the Mediterranean causing a leak in the No.1 hold. She was forced into Malta to discharge her cargo before repairs could be completed.
1940 March - Taken up under the Liner Division.
1942 Served as a Mule Ship spending the majority of her time carrying horses, mules and donkeys between South Africa and India.
1948 July 27th - Sold for £14,750 to British Iron & Steel Company.
" August 4th - Broken up by Metal Industries (Salvage) Ltd at Rosyth.


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