ss. Sangola


Official Number Date Builder Tonnage L B D Fate
113974 1901 Wm, Denny & Bros , UK 5149 410 50.7 32.9 Broken up 1933
Capt Colin McDonald - Master 1921 (Australian coast)


1901 June 18th - Launched.

August 16th - Delivered as Sangola for British India Steam Navigation Company at a cost of £91,000. She was the first of the S-class ships to be delivered. Her sisters are Shirala, Santhia, Satara, Surada, Sealda and Sofala.


March 23rd - After offloading a number of Indian indentured labourers at Fiji, she was caught in a cyclone while berthed at Suva and was swept ashore together with the lighters into which she was discharging. She was refloated undamaged.


Served briefly as a transport.


March - Came under the Liner Requisition Scheme.


September - She grounded at Fulta Point, inward bound to Calcutta from Australian ports, but suffered no major damage.


August 28th - Sold for £13,900 to the Fukuhara Kisen K.K. of Dairen who renamed her Goshu Maru.


Broken up in Japan.



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