ss. Tairea


Official Number Date Builder Tonnage L B D Fate
147635 1924 Barclay, Curle & Co Ltd 7934 466.0 60.2 33.0 Broken up 1952
Captain H.M. Macdonald - Master 1947


1924 March 6th - Launched.
" May 5th - Completed for the Calcutta/Japan ‘Apcar’ service at a cost of £280,600.
1937 Transferred to the Bombay/Durban service due to the Sino-Japanese war.
1940 Converted at the British India workshop at Bombay into Hospital Ship No.35 (506 beds, 120 medical staff). She was dispatched to Kismayu, Somaliland for the campaign there. She used her lifeboats to bring out the wounded.
1942 Served at Madagascar, Alexandria and Smyrna.

1943 July - Attended the invasion of Sicily.
" September - Was at the Salerno landing together with Newfoundland, Leinster and St Andrew. All had to put out to sea and display all lights because of enemy attacks. She came back to Sicily to pick up the inshore survivors of her sister Talamba.
1945 Repatriated POW’s from Hong Kong to India.
1946 Resumed her Bombay/Durban service.
1949 Transferred to her original Calcutta/Japan service.
1952 April 1st - Sold for £123,500 to be broken up by the British Iron & Steel Corporation at Blyth.


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