ss. Talma


Official Number Date Builder Tonnage L B D Fate



R&W Hawthorn, Leslie & Co. Ltd





Broken up 1949
Captain H.M. Macdonald - Master 1941 - end of the war


1923 June 14th - Launched.
" September 13th - Delivered as Talma for the British India Steam Navigation Company at a cost of £285,500, and was the first British India Steam Navigation Company ship of 10,000 gross tons.
1924 February 12th - Arrived at Singapore from Kobe with fire in No.3 hold which took two days to put out.
1925 March 26th - Another fire in No.3 hold broke out while she was in Hong Kong heading eastbound.
1936 August 17th - Cable parted and driven ashore by a typhoon in Junk Bay, Hong Kong. Repairs took nearly a month.

1939 December - Requisitioned as a Personnel Ship
1941 Trooped Bombay/Basra.
1943 March - While under the command of Capt H.M. Macdonald, Talma was involved in a prisonor exchange between the British and Italian Governments in Mersin, Turkey. Talma was straddled by bombs from an Italian aircraft despite having safe conduct.
1947 October - Last British India Steam Navigation Company ship released from requisition, being put in the Calcutta/Australia route.
1949 April 12th - Sold to British Iron & Steel Corporation for £32,000 to be broken up. Delivered in Bombay.
" April 14th - Left Bombay under tow of tug Twyford.
" May 29th - Arrived at Inverkeithing for demolition by T W Ward Ltd.
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