Per mare Per Terras


This website follows the history of one branch of the Clan Donald and it's extensive connection with shipping and the sea. As you will see from the pages of the site, the Clan motto Per Mare Per Terras (By Sea By Land) is most fitting when associated with this branch of the Clan.

I have hundreds of pages of data that has been collected over a period of more than 20 years research and decided that it was pretty useless sitting in a filing cabinet so hence the reason for this site. It is going to take several years to collate and transcribe the data, so this site will grow over time as more of my collection is added to it.

The site is fairly self indulgent, it predominately covers the direct male line down to me and has been produced for the benefit of my own family. It may however be of interest to others who may be related, have an interest in genealogy or maritime history.

Ron Macdonald



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