Fiddler's Green

Just as a sailor never dies (he crosses the bar) he doesn't go to heaven either, Fiddler's Green is the final resting place of seaman. It is said of Fiddler's Green that your tankard will be always full of grog*, your pipe full of tobacco, a fiddle that never stops playing (for sailors who like to dance) and an abundance of amiable women! Sounds like a damn fine place to me.

* Grog is a mixture of rum and water. Originally rum was issued neat to the sailors, however this did cause issues with drunkenness. Admiral Vernon RN, commander of the British fleet in the Caribbean, ordered that the rum be diluted with water. The Admiral was known to the sailors as "old Grogham" from the coarse cloth from which his sea-going cloak was made, hence the name grog was transferred to the drink.



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