The Men


This menu deals with members of the family that have gone to sea, it is known that at least 5 generations of Macdonald's have "gone down to the sea in ships" in various capacities. Each person has their own page which details not only what is known about their general lives but also their maritime careers.

There was a series of articles in The New Zealand Graphic newspaper which covers many of the McDonald and McKenzie Master Mariners.

This is a work in progress, I have tried to get at least some basic information on each page which will be expanded as I get the chance to transcribe the information to the site.

To see the information on a particular individual please click on their name.

Hector McDonald

Duncan McDonald

Colin McDonald

Murdoch McDonald

Bruce McDonald

Hector Millar (H.M.) Macdonald

Graham McDonald

John Macdonald

Ron Macdonald





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