The Sea


This menu deals with the ships and shipping companies members of the family have been known to be connected with.

The early sailing vessels have been put on one menu as often they were not owned by a shipping company as such. Where a ship's name is mentioned in the text of a persons page it will be hyperlinked to take you directly to that vessel.

The "British" steamships on the India run usually had Australian/British officers and Indian crews. Some of the Hindi terms were used for the crew and a list of their jobs is available here.

There is also an explanation of sailing vessel rigs here, and a list of ship prefixes here.

This is a work in progress, I am trying to get at least some basic information on each page which will be expanded as I get the chance to transcribe the information to the site.

The majority of the vessels can be quickly accessed via the drop down menu by shipping company. There is also a full list below with clickable links.

Adelaide Steamship Co.  
  tsmv. Manoora
Archibald Currie Line  
  ss. Argus
  ss. Bucephalus
  ss. Clitus
  ss. Darius
  ss. Euryalus
  ss. Fortunatus
  ss. Gracchus
  ss. Hymettus
  ss. Itonus
  ss. Janus
Australian National Line  
  tsmv. Princess of Tasmania
  ss. River Glenelg
British India Steam Navigation Co.
  ss. Arankola (I)
  ss. Chindwara (II)
  ss. Chinkoa (I)
  ss. Chupra (II)
  ss. Chyebassa (II)
  ss. Chyebassa (III)
  ss. Egra (I)
  ss. Ellenga (I)
  ss. Gamaria (I)
  ss. Gambada (I)
  ss. Gambhira (I)
  ss. Gazana (I)
  ss. Gharinda (I)
  ss. Gogra (I)
  ss. Gracchus (I)
  ss. Gurna (I)
  ss. Hatipara (I)
  ss. Homefield (I)
  ss. Howra (I)
  ss. Hymettus (I)
  ss. Janus (I)
  ss. Kenya (RMS) (I)
  ss. Khandalla (II)
  ss. Nalgora (I)
  ss. Nardana (I)
  ss. Naringa (I)
  ss. Nerbudda (II)
  ss. Nirpura (I)
  ss. Nirvana (I)
  ss. Ormara (I)
  ss. Orna (I)
  ss. Queda (II)
  ss. Sangola (I)
  ss. Sealda (I)
  ss. Sirsa (II)
  ss. Surada (II)
  ss. Tairea (I)
  ss. Talma (I)
  ss. Warialda (I)
Burns, Philp & Co.  
  ss. Marella
Dominion Far East Line  
  ss. Eastern Queen
  ss. Francis Drake
  ss. George Anson
Mosquito Fleet  
  ak. Argonaut II
  ak. Merilyn
  as. Wongala
Nauru Pacific Shipping Co.  
  mv. Eigamoiya
  mv. Enna G
  mv. Rosie D
Royal Australian Navy  
  HMAS. Fremantle
  HMAS. Townsville
  HMAS. Warrnambool
Sailing Vessels  
  Schooner. Acadia
  Barquentine. Buster
  Brigantine. Eillan Donan
  Schooner Frank Guy
  Schooner. Kate McGregor
  Brigantine. Magellan Cloud
  Barque. Marjorie Craig
  Schooner. Result
  Brig. Robin Hood
  Steam Yacht (Brigantine) Saide
  Ship. S.F. Hersey
  Barque. Stag
  Brigantine. Stanley
  Steam Yacht (Schooner) Sunbeam
  Schooner. Totara
  Barquentine. Yolande
Straits Steamship Co.  
  ss. Carlyle
  ss. Ipoh
  ss. Krian


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