Auckland Star, 21 June 1900, Page 4


The many friends of an old Auckland boy reared at Waipu, namely, Captain Colin McDonald, will be very much interested in the following, which is culled from the Melbourne "Herald" of the 7th June. It will be remembered that the Second Victorian and Bushmen's Contingents were conveyed to South Africa in Captain McDonald's steamer Euryalus. Under the heading "A graceful compliment paid to a gallant captain by the Government" the above paper states: "There was a pleasant luncheon party on board the good ship Euryalus this afternoon, when, at the, invitation of the owners, the Premier and members of the Ministry visited the steamer.

An excellent repast was provided, which was more enjoyed when it became known that the menu was the same as that given to the officers of the Second and Bushmen's Contingents who went to South Africa in the Euryalus. Captain McDonald presided ,having on his left the Prejmier and on his right Captain Currie, one of the owners. The toast of the Queen having been honoured the Premier entered, upon the speechmaking by proposing the toast of Captain Currie. Mr McLean also referred in eulogistic terms to Captain McDonald, acknowledging on behalf of the men the attention the master, officers and crew paid to 'our boys.' The Victorians had been warm in their praise of Captain McDonald, and would ever gratefully remember him. Captain McDonald's health was then toasted with musical honours and cheers. Mr Melville, as Minister of Defence, presented Captain McDonald with two beautiful silver epergnes as a mark of the appreciation of the Government of his services. Captain McDonald returned thanks in a brief speech. He had been exceedingly glad to do what he could for the soldier lads whom he had taken to South Africa, and was pleased to learn that they were fully satisfied. He would treasure the gifts of the Government as an especial honour, and he would ask but one favour, namely, to be allowed to bring the troops back to the colony.


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