Narrow Escape of the Taupo.

Auckland Star, 30 August 1878, Page 3

Narrow Escape of the Taupo.

Collision in the Channel,

TAURANGA, this day.

The steamer Taupo arrived this morning. She was nearly run down by a large schooner, carrying only one light, in Rangitoto Channel last night.

The escape was a very narrow one. The schooner struck the steamer broadside, giving her a severe shake, but, fortunately, doing no damage.

The schooner which collided with the Taupo was the Kate McGregor. She escaped with the loss of her bowsprit.

We learn that the schooner was the Kate McGregor from Lyttelton to this port. Captain McDonald furnishes the following report of the affair:-" We were off the reef shortly after eight o'clock last night when the Taupo came round the North Head. Both the mate and myself were on the deck at the time, and we saw her coming. The customary lights were burning on both vessels, and the two green lights were open to each other. Suddenly they showed the red light, and I went forward and called out. The Taupo put her helm hard aport and appeared to stop. We put our helm hard astern, and as we were before the wind, that brought her up. The waist of the steamer took our cat-head, splitting it, and throwing the anchor on deck, this was the only damage done, and we got clear without any difficulty.


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