Kalgoorlie Miner, Thursday 25 February 1904, page 5


Crerw escape just in time.

Perth, Feb, 24.

The steamer Gracchus arrived this morning from Calcutta. The master, Captain Colin McDonald, reports that when he was about 130 miles from Rangoon, on February 5, three ships boats weresighted, filled with people. The steamer's course was slightly altered, and the boats were picked up.

The boats contained 28 people, and when they were saely brought aboard it was ascertained that they were the captain, his wife, and 26 of the crew of the sailing ship Ladmene, bound from Philadelphia to Rangoon, with a cargo of oil.

It appears that on the night of February 4 it was feared a mistake had been made in the vessel's course owning to defective sailing directions, and it was decided to heave the vessel to until daylight. The weather was perfectly calm at the time, and there was little or no wind. When the morning came it was found that the ship had drifted and was just about to strike on the rocks of a small island. The position was hopeless, and those on board were powerless to get the vessel out of harms way.

Presently she took the rock, but not with any great force. Orders were given to prepare the boats, and an examination was made. It was found that the ship was making water fast, and the crew were ordered to the boats. Hardly had the three boats got clear of the ship than she suddenly heeled over and sank. This was at 6 o'clock in the morning, and the Gracchus soon after put in an appearance and landed the people of the Ladmene at their destination, Rangoon, a few hours afterwards.



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