Soldiers in Mesopotamia



The Argus , Friday 12 January 1917, page 9

Soldiers in Mesopotamia

Tinned Fruit Wanted

Captain Colin McDonald, who took the first Victorian contingent on the Euryalus to South Africa in the Boer War, is making an appeal for tinned fruit for British soldiers in Mesopotamia. He states:- Having made 5 voyages to Basra, summer and winter, one can realise something of the enormous amount of work that has been done in the face of great difficulties. Floods are experienced in winter, while in summer the thermometer registers 130deg, in the shade. In summer, labour ceases from 9 o'clock in the morning till 5 o'clock in the afternoon. In order to prevent sunstroke, as much work as possible has to be done at night. Cover for man and beast had to be provided, and it is now fairly good. Those of us who are too old, or otherwise medically unfit for trench work, should do all we can to supply those who are there with comforts, especially tinned fruit. Medical officers who have travelled with me have stated that there is nothing better for sick men and for men after a days march than tinned fruit. Bully beef and biscuit is not very appetising in a temperature of 130deg in the shade.



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