Captains of Waipu, New Zealand

During the mid to late 1800's the McDonald's and their relations the McKenzie's were very well known in New Zealand shipping, in fact it has been said they very nearly ran it!


Page 1382 - The New Zealand Graphic, May 16th 1903. Mainly the McKenzie Clan.

Page 1383 - The New Zealand Graphic, May 16th 1903. Capt Hector McDonald, Capt Murdoch McDonald & Capt Duncan McDonald

I am not sure exactly why Capt Colin McDonald did not appear on the "Captains of Waipu list", however on the 6th of June 1903 he had his own article in the "Graphic".

Page 1554 - The New Zealand Graphic, June 6th 1903. Capt Colin McDonald.



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