ss. Arankola



Official Number Date Builder Tonnage L B D Fate
129533 1911 Workman, Clark & Co Ltd 4026 390.3 50.3 24.5 Broken up 1937
Captain H.M. Macdonald - Master 1935



November 2nd - Launched.


January 20th - Delivered as Arankola for British India Steam Navigation Company at a cost of £115,500. She was the second of the A-class vessels to be launched with her sisters Abhona, Angora and Aronda.


September 1st - Ran aground on the James & Mary Shoal in the Hooghly but was able to get away in 24 hours suffering only damage to her paint.

1916 October - Served as a war transport.
1917 Came under the Liner Requisition Scheme.

May 13th - Collided with the Royal Indian Marine steamer Mayo in Monkey Point Channel out bound from Rangoon. Her mails and passengers had to be transferred to Ellora. The Mayo (originally BI’s Kavlana) sank with a large hole torn in her starboard side.


Carried the Viceroy, Lord Reading, to Rangoon.


July 30th - Sold, along with Angora, for £42,500 to Japanese shipbreakers and were subsequently scrapped


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