ss. Chupra


Official Number Date Builder Tonnage L B D Fate
121321 1906 Barclay, Curle & Co Ltd 6173 430.6 54.0 27.2 Broken up 1953
Capt Colin McDonald - Master 1923 (Australian coast)


1906 February 24th - Launched
" April 28th -Delivered as Chupra for the British India Steam Navigation Company at a cost of £72,800. She was the fourth of the new C-class ships to be delivered with her sisters being Canara, Colaba, Chanda, Culna and

November 1st - A fire broke out in her cargo of seeds and cotton during a voyage from Bombay to Antwerp. One life was lost during the extinguishing of the fire. The ship sustained little damage.


October - Involved in a collision with the Baron Dalmeny at Karachi.


May 2nd - While berthed at Antwerp, a fire broke out with the ship suffering minor damage.


September 22nd - Berthed at Madras when the German cruiser Emden shelled the city. Two shells hit the Chupra and a cadet was killed. Damage to the ship was minimal.


Periodically served as an Indian Expeditionary Force transport.


Came under the Liner Requisition Scheme.


March 22nd - She beat off an attack by U155 east of the Azores with the aid of her stern gun. Of the forty rounds fired by the submarine during the engagement, only one hit the Chupra doing some damage to the bridge and steam pipes.


Returned to her pre-war service after she carried returning troops to India and New Zealand.


January 21st - Sold for £20,000 to the Yamamoto KKK of Dairen and was renamed Shunsho Maru.


Sold to Shunwa KKK of Dairen and retained her name.


Her name changed to Syunsyo Maru.


On her sale to the Daito KKK of Kobe her name was returned to its previous form of Shunsho Maru.


Sold to Dai-ichi KKK of Kobe and remained with them briefly, followed by a sale to Kotani KKK of the same city.


Broken up in Japan.


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