ss. Gambada



Official Number Date Builder Tonnage L B D Fate
142614 1918 J Readhead & Sons Ltd 5307 412.0 52.4 28.5 Broken up 1938
Capt Colin McDonald - Master 1922 (Australian coast)


1918 July - Launched.
" September - Completed as War Robin for the Shipping Controller (H Roberts & Son, manager).
1919 September 25th - Sold to British India Steam Navigation Company for £188,600 and renamed Gambada.
1920 August 3rd - During a voyage from Barbados to Cuba, she arrived with her bunkers on fire and had to put into St Lucia to discharge the coal before the seat of the fire could be found.

1921 August 1st - Suffered damage when she struck the quay wall while entering Dunkerque.
1938 September 19th - Sold for £7,750 to Frank Rijsdijks Industries Ltd, Hull.
" November 11th - Breaking up commenced.


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