ss. Gambhira


Official Number Date Builder Tonnage L B D Fate
142757 1919 Short Brothers Ltd 5257 412.0 52.3 31.0 Sunk as a block ship 1942
Capt Colin McDonald - Master 1923 (Australian coast)


1918 November 4th - Launched.
1919 January - Completed as War Merlinfor the Shipping Controller (H Roberts & Son, manager).
" September 22nd - Sold to British India Steam Navigation Company and renamed Gambhira.
1920 Had an outbreak of fire in No.4 hold. Although the fire was contained without damage to the ship, she had to put into Colombo for a survey.

1927 Suffered heavy weather damage en route Williamstown and Melbourne to the UK. She was forced to put back into Melbourne for repairs.
1939 Sold to Hughes Bolckow for breaking up at Blyth.
" November 1st - Requisitioned by the Admiralty for war service before demolition.
" November 3rd - Sold to the Admiralty for £12,700.
1942 November 10th - Sunk as a block ship at Scapa Flow.


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