ss. Gharinda


Official Number Date Builder Tonnage L B D Fate
141926 1919

Sunderland & Co, UK

5306 400 52.3 28.4 Torpedoed 1943
Capt Colin McDonald - Master 1922 (Australian coast)


  Laid down as War Mavis.
1919 September 27th - Launched.
" October 28th - Completed as Gharinda for the British India Steam Navigation Company Ltd.
1920 April 26th - Had an outbreak of fire in the cargo in No.3 hold at Bombay. 2,000 bales of cotton were damaged by fire and water in the efforts to contain the blaze and had to be discharged but the ship herself was undamaged.

1932 April 24th - Arrived at Colombo with the coal cargo in No.2 lower hold overheated and had to discharge 440 tons before proceeding to Karachi.
" May- Arrived at Karachi and this time the coal in No.4 hold had become badly overheated and had to be discharged.
1940 March - Came under the Liner Division.
1941 Spent two months serving as a Mechanical Transport Ship.
" May - Lost her propeller and had to be towed to Aden for a replacement to be fitted.
1943 May 5th - Torpedoed near her bow by U266 in the North Atlantic en route from Glasgow to Portland, Maine (53°10’N-44°40’W). She began to sink rapidly by the head, although she did not list, which made it possible to lower all the boats save one. All her crew were saved. Her convoy was ONS 5 which was attacked 27 times during which 13 ships were sunk and 5 damaged.


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