ss. Gogra



Official Number Date Builder Tonnage L B D Fate
141915 1919 Workman Clark & Co Ltd 5181 412.0 52.3 28.4 Torpedoed 1943
Capt Colin McDonald - Master 1923 (Australian coast)


  Laid down as War Tomtit.
1919 July 9th - Launched as Gorissa.
" August 8th - Completed as Gogra for the British India Steam Navigation Company Ltd.
1932 April - Experimentally fitted to burn pulverised coal. The equipment reduced her carrying capacity and was not an unalloyed success, so it was removed in 1940 when the exigencies of war relegated fuel-saving to a minor role.
1940 March - Came under the Liner Division.

1942 Spent three months as a Military Store Ship.
1943 March 26th - Left the Clyde for India in convoy OS45 made up of 100 ships that assembled in the Clyde Estuary. She was carrying 1,000 tons of ammunition and 6,000 tons of other military supplies.
" April 2nd - Torpedoed by U24 645km (400 miles) west of Oporto (41°02N-15°39’W). The torpedo triggered off an explosion in her ammunition and the Gogra sank in less than a minute, taking with her 76 of her 81 crew and six out of nine gunners.


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