ss. Hatipara


Official Number Date Builder Tonnage L B D Fate
142417 1919 Asano Shipbuilding Co Ltd 8182 445.0 58.4 40.1 Broken up 1939
Capt Colin McDonald - Master 1923 (Australian coast)


1917 July - Launched.
1918 February - Completed as War Lance for the Shipping Controller (Royal Mail Steam Packet Company, managers).
1919 January 17th - Put into Gibraltar with propeller damage.
" November 8th - Acquired by British India Steam Navigation Companyfor £216,400.

1920 February - Renamed Hatipara.
" July 7th - At Gibraltar she had a broken high-pressure piston.
1922 March 18th - Fire broke out while she was loading flax at Wellington. The flax had to be landed and a considerable amount of water entered No.2 hold before the blaze was extinguished.
1930 May 10th - She struck Redcar Wharf, while proceeding up the River Tees in fog to dock at Middlesbrough but only sustained minor damage.
1931 February - Suffered a fire in her cargo of cotton while discharging at Dunkirk. 1,100 bales were damaged by fire and water and 1,800 bags of groundnuts were also damaged by water, with some minor damage to the ship before the outbreak was brought under control.
1939 January 9th - Sold for £12,900 to Frank Rijsdijk’s Industries and broken up at Hendrik Ido Ambacht in April.


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