ss. Homefield



Official Number Date Builder Tonnage L B D Fate
141900 1919 William Doxford & Sons 5324 412.0 52.0 31.0 Bombed 1941
Capt H.M. Macdonald - Master 1931



February 4th - Launched as War Balsam for the Shipping Controller.


May 10th - Completed and delivered to the British India Steam Navigation Company and renamed Homefield.


November 12th - Collided with Union Castle’s Comrie Castle off Lourenco Marques. She suffered damage to her frames and plates which were bent.


June 5th - Collided with the river steamer Palanpuras as she left Calcutta heavily laden with coal. Both ships were extensively damaged and had to be beached, the Homefield with 6.7m (22 ft) of water in No.1 hold.
After the cargo had been discharged into lighters, she was refloated and drydocked for permanent repairs.


March - Came under the Liner Division.


March - Became a Military Store Ship. She was assisting with the supply of the army in Greece when she survived a German bombing attack as she neared Piraeus.


April 4th - She was returning in ballast to Port Said in convoy AS 23 when the convoy was attacked from the air and this time two bombs found their mark off Gavdo Island and the Homefield had to be abandoned, fortunately without casualties.


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