ss. Nalgora


Official Number Date Builder Tonnage L B D Fate
146303 1922 Wm Gray & Co Ltd 6579 433.0 57.4 32.8 Broken up 1948
Capt Colin McDonald - Master 1924 (Australian coast)

Completed as Nalgora for British India Steam Navigation Company 25/07/1922.

1921 December 1st - Launched.
1922 July 25th - Completed as Nalgora for British India Steam Navigation Company
1927 February 27th - During a voyage from Calcutta to London, she suffered a fire in the jute cargo in No.4 shelter deck and had to put into Port Sudan. As the cargo was discharged, heavy smoke was released from the deep tanks and poisonous gas accumulations from the rice cargo slowed work down. The hatches had to be battened down on several occasions before all the affected cargo was taken ashore. What was not beyond salvage was reloaded and the voyage resumed on 4th of March.
" May 30th - Sailed from Middlesbrough bound coastwise for London, but had to return with engine trouble.
1939 Served briefly as a Mechanical Transport ship.
1940 Requisitioned under the Liner Division.
1941 January 2nd - She was off St Vincent, Cape Verde Islands, bound for Aden and Alexandria with boom defence equipment, having left Rosyth with convoy OB 261 which had dispersed. She was struck by two torpedoes from U65, which added shelling and machine-gun fire for good measure as the crew abandoned ship, but miraculously none were injured (22°24’(N-21°11’W). All 105 reached land safely but only after eight days adrift in the case of the Commander’s boat.


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