ss. Nardana


Official Number Date Builder Tonnage L B D Fate
141920 1919

Barclay, Curle Glasgow, UK

7591 465 58.2 37.1 Sunk by torpedo 1941
Capt Colin McDonald - Master 1922 (Australian coast)


  Laid down as War Sybil for the Shipping Controller.
1919 August 12th - Launched.
" September 23rd - Completed as Nardana for the British India Steam Navigation Company Ltd.
" October 20th - Delivered.
1920 September 3rd - Arrived at Antwerp with weather damage on a voyage from Calcutta.

1929 She was given a major overhaul in which two low pressure turbines were installed, each double-reduction geared through a hydraulic coupling to the same shaft as one of the reciprocating engines.
" Following the completion of her overhaul, she was fitted out as a Company cadet ship carrying 39 cadets which she took off the Woodara after that ship was sold in August 1929.
1938 April - Arrived at Port Said on her outward voyage to Brisbane with a leak in No.4 starboard bilge well.
1940 April - Came under the Liner Division.
1941 March 8th - En route from Bombay and Cape Town to London in convoy SL 67, she was torpedoed by U124 965km (600 miles) north-east of the Cape Verde Islands (20°51’N-20°32’W). The ship sank quickly with the loss of nineteen of her crew but the surviving 106 crew and two gunners were picked up from the boats by a destroyer and landed at Gibraltar. The attack sank five ships: Nardana, Harmodius, Hindpool, Tielbank and Lahore.


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