ss. Nerbudda



Official Number Date Builder Tonnage L B D Fate
141898 1919 Barclay, Curle & Co Ltd 7911 465.0 58.2 40.0 Broken up 1936
Capt Colin McDonald - Master 1922 (Australian coast)


  Laid down as War Ajax for the Shipping Controller and intended to be placed under the management of Frederick Leyland& Co Ltd, Liverpool.
1919 February 15th - Launched.
" April 11th - Completed as Nerbudda for the British India Steam Navigation Company Ltd at a cost of £280,500.
1920 Collided with the Ellerman liner Kathlamba when both were anchored in the Thames Estuary. A turn of the tide caught Nerbudda first while Kathlamba held in her original position. When the latter swung, she impaled herself on the blade of one of the former’s screws. The Nerbudda was undamaged.
1930 July 31st - She was rammed amidships by the Spanish vessel Legazpi 100 miles east of Gibraltar on her way from Fremantle to Britain. The engineroom, stokehold and Nos.3 and 4 holds were soon flooded and the freeboard had been reduced to 7 ft by the time the ship limped back to Gibraltar with tug assistance and was beached there on 1st August. Temporary repairs were made and the ship was refloated 3 days later.

1934 April - Replaced the Australia as one of the Company’s cadet ships with improvised accommodation for 39 cadets.
" May - Forced to put into Dakar for repairs when she had trouble in the port air pump.
" June 17th - On her approach to Adelaide in fog, she grounded at Point Malcolm, South Semaphore Anchorage, bur she was refloated undamaged the following day with tug assistance.
" September - No longer used as a cadet ship and was replaced by Devon. She was then laid up in the River Fal.
1936 January 24th - Sold for £17,700 to the Barry Shipping Co Ltd, Cardiff, who wanted her as their contribution under the Scrap and Build Scheme for the construction of the newest vessel St Clears.
" April - Resold for £15,150 to Italian breakers and broken up at Venice later in the year by Soc Italiana Ernesto Breda.


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