ss. Nirpura



Official Number Date Builder Tonnage L B D Fate
146257 1921 Wm Gray & Co (1918) Ltd 5961 450.5 56.0 29.7 Torpedoed 1943
Capt Colin McDonald - Master 1923 (Australian coast)


1920 December 10th - Launched.
1921 September 20th - Completed as Nirpura for British India Steam Navigation Company Ltd.
1924 June 24th - While she was on a Nourse Line voyage from Calcutta to the West Indies she ran aground in the harbour of Nuevitas, Cuba. Some of the cargo was discharged into lighters and she was refloated the following day with tug assistance and without apparent damage.
1940 May - Requisitioned for the Liner Division.

1941 May - Became a transport for mules and horses.
1943 March 3rd - She was torpedoed by U160 while in convoy DN 21 off Port St John’s, South Africa when she was bound Durban to Karachi (32°47’S-29°47’E). She was carrying 737 horses, mules and donkeys. The ship was virtually cut in two by the explosion and sank rapidly with the loss of 40 lives out of the 86 crew and 39 troops on board. The survivors were picked up from the boatsand rafts and landed at Durban.


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