ss. Queda



Official Number Date Builder Tonnage L B D Fate
148518 1925 Wm Gray & Co Ltd 7766 487.0 60.7 32.7 Broken up 1949
Chief Officer H.M. Macdonald - 1st Mate 1927



September 30th - Launched.


January 6th - Delivered to the British India Steam Navigation Company Ltd at a cost of £197,500.


June 5th - Grounded on the James & Mary Shoal in the Hooghly River outward bound from Calcutta to Sydney. She was refloated undamaged.


March - Came under the Liner Division.


August 25th - Suffered a fire in her cargo of jute in No.1 hold while she was at Melbourne but it was extinguished the same day with little damage.


January 8th - Collided with the Swedish tanker Saint Gobains west of Fremantle on her way from Adelaide to Colombo. Both ships were blacked out
and Queda struck the tanker abreast of the bridge. Fortunately Queda’s damage was confined to set in frames and leaks forward and she arrived at Fremantle the following day.


November 23rd - Sold to British Iron & Steel Corporation for £21,000.


December - Broken up  by P&W MacLellan Ltd.


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