Official Number Date Builder Tonnage L B D Fate
95956 1889

Palmers Jarrow, UK

2792 325 40.4 24

Sold 1905

Wrecked 1907

Capt Colin McDonald - Master 1897 - 1899

The third of Currie's steamers was built by Palmers & Co., in 1889.

1888 17.11.1888 - Launched by Palmers Shipbuilding & Iron Co for Archibald Currie & Co of Melbourne.


1889 ??.01.1889 - Builders trials where she attained a speed of 13 knots.

25.01.1899 - Sailed Newcastle-on-Tyne (UK), Maiden Voyage. J.D.C. Arthur Master. Loaded:

2818 tons steel rails, 4,832 bdls (153 tons) fishplates, 386 cast iron pipes, All consigned to the Victorian Railways.

  27.02.1889 - Sailed Isle of Wight (landed Channel Pilot), J.D.C. Arthur Master.
  10.02.1889 - Sailed St Vincent, J.D.C. Arthur Master.
  27.02.1889 - Arrived Capetown, J.D.C. Arthur Master.
  04.03.1889 -Sailed Capetown, J.D.C. Arthur Master.

26.03.1889 - Arived Albany from UK, J.D.C. Arthur Master.

Albany Mail and King George's Sound Advertiser, Wednesday 27 March 1889, page 3

Report of the voyage of the s.s. Argus.

A new vessel of 370 feet long, built for Messrs. Archibald Currie.and Co., of Melbourne. Left the Tyne at noon Jan.
25th; and cruised about adjusting the compasses, making final departure at 6 p.m. Landed the Channel pilot at the
Isle of Wight on Sunday, 27th Jan, at 3 p.m., and proceeded on voyage. Weather fine with light westerly winds.
On the 29th, in the Bay of Biscay, experienced strong winds from the N.E, thick, dirty weather with a gale of wind
which lasted for 24 hours and then cleared up. Weather fine, sighted Madeira on 2nd Feb., Teneriffe and the Palmas on the 3rd, and the Cape de Verde islands on the 6th Feb. Anchored and coaled. 12 days out from Newcastle. Were detained at the Cape de Verde islands 4 days on account of the wretched coaling arrangements. Took in 450 tons of coal and left at 4 a.m. on Sunday, 10th Feb. Experienced strong N.E. trades, and a heavy sea. Crossed the line at midnight on the 15th Feb. long. 10 deg. West, Picked up the S.E. trades almost immediately after crossing the equator, wind and sea right ahead, same weather till arrival at Cape Town on February 27th, at midnight. Commenced coaling from the wharf at 6 a.m. on the 28th Feb and took in 350 tons of coal. Left the Cape on Saturday afternoon, March 2nd, and discharged the pilot at 2 p.m. At 8 p.m. discovered a defect in the engines and put back to the Cape to repair. Left the Cape again at 4 a.m. on the 4th March, and experienced fine weather till 22nd inst., in long. 100 d. East, when a heavy S.W. gale set in with a terrific sea and lasted for 36 hours. From thence had fine weather until arrival at King George's Sound. Sighted land at midnight on Monday 25th inst, and anchored alongside the coal hulk Priscilla, at 9 a.m. .

  27.03.1889 - Sailed Albany, J.D.C. Arthur Master.
  02.04.1889 - Arrived Melbourne

13.04.1889 - Sailed Melbourne for Newcastle, J.D.C. Arthur Master. Loaded:

20 pps tallow, 6 bxs biscuits.


17.04.1889 - Arrived Newcastle, J.D.C. Arthur Master. Loaded:

For Singapore & India: 4000 tons coal.

  21.04.1889 - Sailed Newcastle.
  05.05.1889 - Sailed Calcutta, J.D.C. Arthur Master.

14.05.1889 - Arrived Samarang, J.D.C. Arthur Master. Loaded:

350 ton cargo.

  17.05.1889 - Sailed Samarang, J.D.C. Arthur Master.
  19.05.1889 - Arrived Sourabaya, J.D.C. Arthur Master.


300 ton cargo.

  21.05.1889 - Sailed Sourabaya for Adelaide, J.D.C. Arthur Master.

02.06.1889 - Arrived Adelaide, J.D.C. Arthur Master. Unloaded:

340 tons cargo.

  03.06.1889 - Sailed Adelaide for Melbourne, J.D.C. Arthur Master.
  04.06.1889 - Passed Cape Otway lighthouse at 06:00 sailing east.
  05.06.1889 - Arrived Melbourne, J.D.C. Arthur Master.

11.06.1889 - Arrived Sydney, J.D.C. Arthur Master. Loaded:

1100 tons bunkers.

  16.06.1889 - Sailed Sydney for Java.
  02.07.1889 - Arrived Adelaide.
  05.07.1889 - Arrived Melbourne from Calcutta via Java and Adelaide.

13.08.1889 - Sailed Sourabaya, J.D.C. Arthur Master. Loaded:

1600 tons sugar.


18.08.1889 - Sailed Samarang, J.D.C. Arthur Master. Loaded:

1300 tons sugar.


19.08.1889 - Arrived Cheribon, J.D.C. Arthur Master. Loaded

500 tons sugar.

  22.08.1889 - Sailed Cheribon, J.D.C. Arthur Master.

31.08.1889 - Arrived Thursday Island, Loaded:

120 tons bunkers.

  01.09.1889 - Sailed Thursday Island, J.D.C. Arthur Master.
  08.09.1889 - Passed Cape Moreton Lighthouse sailing south.

10.09.1889 - Arrived Sydney, J.D.C. Arthur Master. Unloaded:

3400 tons sugar, part for Sydney (aprox 1400 tons), part for Auckland (aprox 2000 tons).

  11.09.1889 -

Sydney Morning Herald, Wednesday 11 September 1889, page 10

The Argus carries a crew at 62 hands all told. Of these 31 are what are known as Calcutta coolies, and include the firemen, and 14 are Malays employed as deck hands.

  13.09.1889 - Sailed Sydney for Auckland via Newcastle, J.D.C. Arthur Master.
  14.09.1889 - Arrived Newcastle from Sydney, J.D.C. Arthur Master.

18.09.1889 - Arrived Sydney.

Newcastle Morning Herald and Miners' Advocate, Friday 20 September 1889, page 4


The steamer Argus, of Messrs. Currie and Co.'s line, which left here early on Tuesday morning for Auckland, after taking in coals, returned to Sydney on Wednesday. She has gone there to be docked owing to her propeller having become defective. It seems that on the passage from Sydney to Newcastle the propellor worked loose, caused doubltless by the vessel grounding alongside the wharf in Johnson's Bay, and as the risk of taking her on to
New Zealand under the circumstances would have been too great it was decided to return and place the vessel in dock and overhaul the screw. The Argus was taken to Mort's works on Tuesday, where the cargo will be discharged preparatory to the vessel being floated into dock. As there are several vessels to go into the dock before the Argus
it is hardly likely that she will resume her voyage for New Zealand before the latter part of next week.

  25.09.1889 - Floated into Morts Dock for repairs to her propeller.
  02.10.1889 - Sailed Sydney for Auckland.
  06.10.1889 - Arrived Auckland (Timaru) from Sydney, J.D.C. Arthur Master. Loaded:

2500 tons for Sydney, 400 tons for Newcastle.


18.10.1889 - Sailed Timaru.

  26.10.1889 - Arrived Sydney from Timaru.
  31.10.1889 - Sailed Sydney for London via Newcastle, Melbourne and Adelaide. Part of her New Zealand cargo is being transhipped.
  31.10.1889 - Arrived Newcastle, berthed at # 10 dyke to unload then came alongside Queens Wharf to load 2538 bales of wool for London, J.D.C. Arthur Master.
  06.11.1889 - Sailed Newcastle for Geelong to continue loading wool for London.
  08.11.1889 - Arrived Geelong from Newcastle, J.D.C. Arthur Master.
  15.11.1889 - Sailed Geelong for Adelaide.

22.11.1889 Sailed Portland, Loaded

For London: 2965 bales wool.

  22.11.1889 - Passed Cape Nelson lighthouse sailing west.
  26.11.1889 - South Australia: Change of Masters, Captain J. Curry of the Clitus which berthed at Port Adelaide, took charge of the Argus which was loading wool for London at Port Victor, while Captain J Arthur of the Argus took charge of the Clitus and continued her voyage to Melbourne.
  29.11.1889 - Sailed Adelaide for London.
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