ss. Bucephalus



Official Number Date Builder Tonnage L B D Fate
88919 1884 Palmers Jarrow , UK 1818 276 38.2 23.5 Broken up 1931
Capt Murdoch McDonald - 1st Mate 1898

Built by Palmers, Jarrow for Archibald Currie & Co, Melbourne, iron hull. This was the Currie lines first steamer and the first ship to wear the signiature funnel colour of a black funnel with a narrow white band one quarter way from the top.

1884 February 14th - Launched.
1885 April - Delivered under the command of Capt Robert Service.
1892 Engine replaced with 4 cyl triple expansion engine of 195 n.h.p
1901 Sold to Handel Maats. Kian Gwan, Samarang, Java renamed Simongan.
1910 Sold to Samarang Stoom.
1911 Sold to Chew Joon Hiang, singapore and renamed Bucephalus.
1912 Sold to Heap Eng Moh steamship co, Singapore.
1913 Sold to Kishimoto Shokoci, Dairen, China and renamed Asaka Maru.
1914 Sold to T. Yoshida, Japan.
1920 sold to Kusabe K.K.K, Japan.
1931 Broken up in Japan


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