Official Number Date Builder Tonnage L B D Fate
88942 1886

Palmers Jarrow, UK

2435 300 38.2 23.5

Sold 1904

Broken up Japan 1930

Capt Colin McDonald - Master 1896
Capt Murdoch McDonald - Master 1899 - 1902

The second steamship aquired by Archibald Currie & Co was built by Palmers in 1886. A totally new and more moden design than Bucephalus, with her increased size and steel hull, the increase in capacity over Bucephalus was far greater than it would seem from the figures.

1886 21.04.1886 - The vessel was launched by Mrs Currie, wife of the owner.
" 18.05.1886 - Sea trials during which she attained 13 knots.
" 19.06.1886 - Sailed on her delivery voyage, London-Melbourne with 42 passengers, J. Curry Master.
" 21.06.1886 - Arrived Plymouth.
" 21.06.1886 - Sailed Plymouth.
" 27.06.1886 - Arrived Teneriffe.
" 27.06.1886 - Sailed Teneriffe after taking on 250 ton of bunker coal.
" 12.08.1886 - Arrived Adelaide, On the voyage from the UK, when averaging 10 knots, she was burning 23 ton of coal per day.
" 13.08.1886 - Sailed Adelaide.
" 15.08.1886 - Arrived Melbourne, her officers were: Master - Captain J. Curry, Chief Mate - Mr S. C. Kennedy, Second Mate - Mr Geo Moss, Third Mate - Mr A Langren, Fourth Mate - Mr A Moir, Chief Engineer - Mr W Spiers, Second Engineer - Mr J Spiers, Third Engineer - Mr R. Brabbam and Fourth Engineer - Mr J Nicholson.
" 28.08.1886 - Arrived Sydney 06:30.
  02.09.1886 - Arrived Newcastle from Sydney.
" 06.09.1886 - Arrived Melbourne from Sydney.
" 10.09.1886 - Bucephalus, having discharged her cargo at the railway pier, was brought round to be berthed near the Clitus at the Port Melbourne town pier. When just alongside, however, she was run stem into the Clitus, striking the latter with considerable force at the water's edge, about 80ft. from the stem head. The exact amount of damage done cannot be ascertained until the Clitus is docked, but as far as can be seen three plates have been dented in, and a number of bolts have been started. A large,body of water got into the hold of the Clitus before temp repairs could be effected. The Bucephalus sustained no damage of any consequence. The Clitus was loading horses for India at the time, and this work was delayed until a temporary patch was made. The Clitus was to have sailed on Saturday, and the accident will cause considerable inconvenience. Clitus was taken into the Alfred Graving Dock with her freight of 335 horses on board and will proceed to sea immediatley on leaving the dock.
  18.09.1886 - The Pilot Board inquiry in connection with the collision between the Bucephalus and the Clitus, at Port Melbourne Pier, on tbe 10th instant, has been concluded. The Board found that Captain Thos. Roach, an exempt master, of the Bucephalus, was guilty of negligence in not ascertaining the position of the Clitus before attempting to bring his vessel alongside, and cautioned him to be careful in future.
  Both vessels are owned by Mfessrs Archibald Currie and Co., and both are engaged in the sallipment of horses to India. trhe
  10.11.1895 - Sailed Calcutta, W. Frith Master.
  17.11.1895 - Arrived Pernang
  19.11.1895 - Arrived Singapore.
  27.11.1895 - Arrived Pekelongan.
  28.11.1895 - Arrived Samerang.
  01.12.1895 - Arrived Besukir.
  07.12.1895 - Arrived Penorokin.
  20.12.1895 - Rounded Cape Leuwin.
  25.12.1895 - Arrived Adelaide, landed 2000 tons sugar.
1896 08.01.1896 - Sailed Melbourne.
  10.01.1896 - Arrived Sydney.
  07.04.1896 - Arrived sydney, W. Frith Master.
  29.05.1896 - Sailed Rangoon.
  03.06.1896 - Arrived Singapore.
  06.06.1896 - Sailed Singapore.
  24.06.1896 - Arrived Melbourne, W. Frith Master.
  03.07.1896 - Sailed Melbourne.
  05.07.1896 - Arrived Sydney, W. Frith Master.
  06.07.1896 - Sailed Sydney.
  07.07.1896 - Arrived Newcastle.
  11.07.1896 - Sailed Newcastle for Wydham (W.A), Cargo included: coal 200 tons, 248 Bullocks, 52 sheep, 5 cases of butter and 84 tons of chaff, C McDonld Master.
  22.07.1896 - Arrived Albany from Newcastle.
  22.07.1896 - Sailed Albany for Wyndham.
  03.08.1896 - Arrived Wyndham, waited several days to come alongside the pier due to unfavorable tides.
  01.10.1896 - Sailed Calcutta.
  28.10.1896 - Arrived Adelaide.
  29.10.1896 - Sailed Adelaide for Melbourne, W. Frith Master.
  05.11.1897 - Capt J.R. George was charged and convicted of assulting one of the stewards and fined 20/- in default of 3 days imprisonment with 11/- costs.
1904 sold to K Oaki, Yokohama renamed Miyo Maru.
1912 Transferred to the Oaki Goshi Kaisha, Yokohama.
1913 Sold to Santo Shokwai, Yokohama.
1914 Transferred to Goshi Kaisha Sato Shokwai, Yokohama.
1920 Sold to Shinko Kisen K.K, Kono Japan.
1930 Broken up in Japan.


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