Official Number Date Builder Tonnage L B D Fate
88942 1886

Palmers Jarrow, UK

2435 300 38.2 23.5

Sold 1904

Broken up Japan 1930

Capt Colin McDonald - Master 1896
Capt Murdoch McDonald - Master 1899 - 1902

The second steamship aquired by Archibald Currie & Co was built by Palmers in 1886. A totally new and more moden design than Bucephalus, with her increased size and steel hull, the increase in capacity over Bucephalus was far greater than it would seem from the figures.

1886 April 21st - The vessel was launched by Mrs Currie, wife of the owner.
" June 19th - Sailed on her maiden voyage, London-Melbourne with 42 passengers.
1897 November 5th - Capt J.R. George was charged and convicted of assulting one of the stewards and fined 20/- in default of 3 days imprisonment with 11/- costs.
1904 sold to K Oaki, Yokohama renamed Miyo Maru.
1912 Transferred to the Oaki Goshi Kaisha, Yokohama.
1913 Sold to Santo Shokwai, Yokohama.
1914 Transferred to Goshi Kaisha Sato Shokwai, Yokohama.
1920 Sold to Shinko Kisen K.K, Kono Japan.
1930 Broken up in Japan.


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