ss. Darius



Official Number Date Builder Tonnage L B D Fate
101707 1892

Wm Doxford & Sons

3283 340 43 25

Sold 1912

Blown ashore 1922

Capt Colin McDonald - Master 1896
Capt Murdoch McDonald - Master 1907

The fourth of Currie's steamers was built by Wm Doxford & Sons Ltd.

1892 24.09.1892 - Launched.
  Completed her sea trials, it was reported that "despite being in the teeth of a very strong gale and heavy seas, she made over 11 knots with perfect ease"
1893 22.03.1892 - Left the Tyne on her delivery voyage, UK-Madras-Calcutta-Australia Under the command of Commodore-Master Capt John Curry.
  25.04.1893 - Fire broke out in her cargo of coal, but it was soon under control, and the damage was not material to either ship or cargo.
  24.05.1893 - Sailed Calcutta.
  03.06.1893 - Arrived Penang.
  07.06.1893 - Arrived Singapore.
  12.06.1893 - Arrived Chittagong.
  13.06.1893 - Arrived Samarang.
  16.06.1893 - Arrived Sourabaya.
  29.06.1893 - Arrived Adelaide.
  30.06.1893 - Sailed Adelaide.
  02.07.1893 - Arrived Melbourne.
  09.10.1893 - Arrived Adelaide. The steamer Darius, which arrived yesterday at Port Adelaide from Calcutta, via Singapore, had some difficulty with the Customs authorities owing to six Chinese being on board, which is two more than is allowed by the Chinese Restriction Act to a vessel of her tonnage. Arrangements were made with the Treasurer under which the cargo can be discharged. The vessel left this afternoon for Melbourne. There were four Chinese passengers booked through to Melbourne, and two for Adelaide None of them were allowed to land here.
  10.10.1893 - Sailed Adelaide.
1895 October 12, caught fire 9 days out from Singapore bound for Australia. The fire was extinguished and she proceeded to Adelaide.
  22.10.1896 - Sailed Adelaide, C McDonald Master.
  30.10.1896 - Arrived Sydney.
  31.10.1896 - Sailed Sydney for Newcastle, C McDonald Master.
1912 Sold to the Government of Western Australia and renamed Kwinana.
1920 Burnt out at Canarvon, Western Australia 25/12.
1921 Towed to Fremantle in March and later dismantled.
1922 Hulk blown ashore in Careening Cove Western Australia (now known as Kwinana Beach) and broke up.
1941 Bulk of remains demolished by explosives.


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