ss. Euryalus



Official Number Date Builder Tonnage L B D Fate
101720 1898 Palmers Jarrow, UK 3570 360 45.7 26.8 Broken up Genoa 1923
Capt Colin McDonald - Master 1898 -1903
Capt Murdoch McDonald - Master 1904

Passenger/cargo steamship built by Palmers, Jarrow for Archibald Currie & Co, Melbourne.

1898 June 16th - Launched by Palmers Shipbuilding & Iron Co for Archibald Currie & Co of Melbourne. Completed in August
" Delivered by Commodore-Master Capt Curry Via Calcutta.
1900 January 13th - Col Tom Price's 2nd Victoria Mounted Rifles sailed in ss. Euryalus, commanded by Capt Colin McDonald, bound for the Boer War.
" March 10th - The 3rd Bushman's contingent (Victoria Mounted Rifles Regiment) followed in the same vessel on her return to Melbourne.
" June 7th - A Luncheon was held aboard the troopship Euryalus, this was attended by the Victorian Premier, The Honourable  Allan McLean and the Minister for defence Mr Donald Melville.  Mr Melville presented Capt McDonald with 2 silver epergnes as a mark of appreciation of the government for his contributions to the South African War effort.
1913 Aquired by the British India Steam Navigation Co in with the rest of the Currie fleet.
1923 Scrapped at Genoa 3/12/.


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