ss. HYMETTUS (B.I. Livery)


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Official Number Date Builder Tonnage L B D Fate
120730 1906

Palmers Jarrow, UK

4606 400.4 52.2 27.7

Transferred to B.I 1913

Sunk 1925

Capt Colin McDonald - Master 1906 to 1910
Capt Murdoch McDonald - Master 1906

Built by Palmers, Jarrow for Archibald Currie & Co, Melbourne.

1905 November 25th - Launched by Palmers Shipbuilding & Iron Co for Archibald Currie & Co of Melbourne
1906 Maiden voyage, under the command of Commodore - Master Capt Colin McDonald, was river Tyne-Cardiff-Colombo-Calcutta arriving at her home port of Melbourne in May.
" July - Commodore-Master Capt Colin McDonald had his leg broken in Madras attempting to stop a horse that had broken loose during unloading. It was a serious injury requiring an extended stay in a Madras hospital.
" November - Chief Officer Thomas Frogatt killed in a fumigation accident in Calcutta
1907 On voyage Durban - Melbourne lost two blades off her propeller off Penguin Island, made Melbourne under her own steam.
1913 Aquired by the British India Steam Navigation Co in with the rest of the Currie fleet.
  Requisitioned for duty in WWI and renamed A1 HMAT Hymettus.
1917 May 15th - Handed back to owners.
1925 Sold to Harada Kisen K.K, Kobe and renamed Seiun Maru.
1937 Sunk in a collision with the Benmohr off Choshi Japan 28/07/.


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