ss. Itonus



Official Number Date Builder Tonnage L B D Fate


Purchased by Curries 1907

Vickers & Sons Barrow-in-Furness , UK

5340 449 54.2 24.7

Transferred to B.I. 1913

Torpedoed 1916

Capt Colin McDonald - Master 1908
1898 June 20th - Launched as the cable ship Anglia for the for Telegraph Construction & Maintenance Co Ltd, London.
1899 Laid the following undersea cables - Cape Town - St Helena, Ascension - Cape Verde Islands, Gibraltar - Malta - Egypt, Commercial Cable No 4, Germany - Azores - USA.
1900 Laid the following undersea cables - Fanning Island - Fiji, Fiji - Norfolk Island, Norfolk Island - Australia, Norfolk Island - New Zealand, Ascension - Cape Verde Islands, Azores - Ireland.

Laid the following undersea cables - UK - Canary Islands , Sierra Leone - Ascension, South Africa - Mauritius
Mauritius - Rodriguez Island - Cocos (Keeling) Islands, Ireland - UK, England - Madeira, Madeira - Cape Verde Islands.

1902 Laid the following undersea cables - Canada - New York, New York - Ireland, Ireland - England.
1903 Laid the following undersea cables - Honolulu - Midway Island, Midway Island - Guam, Guam - Philippines.
1905 Laid the following undersea cable - Azores - Ireland.
1906 Sold to T.W. Tamplin & Co then resold to the Hambourg Amerika Line.
" December 15th - Stranded at Bally Point Northern Ireland on her way to be converted to a cargo ship and abandoned to the underwriters. Refloated and sold to the Grangemouth & Greenock Dockyard Co where she was converted to cargo.
1907 Archibald Currie went to England looking for a replacement for Fortunatus, he purchased the Anglia and renamed it Itonus.
1909 October - While berthed at Fremantle had three outbreaks of fire in her bunkers from spontaneous combustion, the vessel sustained no serious damage.
1913 Aquired by the British India Steam Navigation Co with the rest of the currie fleet.
1914 December - Requisitioned for duty in WWI and renamed A50 HMAT Itonus.
1915 Trooping duties into 1916
1916 December 20th - Struck by a torpedo 60 miles west of Malta and sunk with the loss of 5 lives. Captain T.Costello was taken prisoner on board the submarine.


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