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Official Number Date Builder Tonnage L B D Fate
120765 1910

Palmers Jarrow , UK

4824 400.4 53.6 27.5

Transferred to B.I. 1913

Sunk as breakwater 1933

Capt Colin McDonald - Master 1910 to 1921

Passenger/cargo steamship built for Archibald Currie & Co's Australian and Indian Line, Melbourne in 1910. Employed on the Melbourne - Calcutta run she carried Australian Brumbies north and Indian produce and exotic animals on the southern run.

1910 12.04.1910 - Vessel launched by Mrs Henderson, wife of Mr George Henderson of the firm Messrs Octavius Steel and Co, London.
  June - Vessel completed at a cost of £72,000
  09.06.1910 - Left the Tyne on her sea trials. Janus was under full steam for 6 hours during which she averaged 13.4 knots
  07.07.1910 - Sailed London on her Maiden voyage under the command of Commodore - Master Capt Colin McDonald, for Calcutta via Soudan, Bombay and Madras.
  01.08.1910 - Sailed Port Sudan.
  09.08.1910 - Arrived Calcutta via ports from London.
  08.09.1910 - Sailed Calcutta, Cargo: 600 tons for Fremantle, 1500 tons for Adelaide, 1900 tons for Melbourne, 2000 tons for Sydney. The total includes 1100 tons of tea.
  13.09.1910 - Arrived Colombo.
  15.09.1910 - Sailed Colombo.
  27.09.1910 - Arrived Fremantle, C McDonald Master. Unloaded 600 tons of cargo for this port.
  28.09.1910 - Sailed Fremantle for Adelaide.
  04.10.1910 - Arrived Adelaide from Fremantle.
  06.10.1910 - Sailed Adelaide for Melbourne.

08.10.1910 - Arrived Melbourne from Adelaide, C McDonald Master.

On her first visit to her home port of Melbourne, a large party was held on board. Guests included the Commodore of a visiting Dutch squadron, the Premier of Victoria, other Government Ministers and captains of industry. For more information, click Here.

  14.10.1910 - Sailed Melbourne for Sydney.
  16.10.1910 - Arrived Sydney from Melbourne. Loaded:

For Bombay: 15 cs fruits.

For Madras: 2 pkgs m'dise, 1013 sleepers,' 145 girders.


21.10.1910 - Sailed Sydney for Newcastle, C McDonald Master.

  21.10.1910 - Arrived Adelaide from Sydney.

29.10.1910 - Sailed Newcastle for for Madras and Bombay, via Melbourne and Adelaide, Loaded:

3911 tons coal, 2217 tons bunkers 69 horses, and 1449 sleepers.


02.11.1910 - Arrived Melbourne from Newcastle, loaded:

200 horses .


04.11.1910 - Arrived Adelaide from Melbourne. Loaded:

For Madras: 118 horses

  05.11.1910 - Sailed Adelaide.
  23.11.1910 - Arrived Madras from Adelaide Cargo: 390 Horses.
  01.12.1910 - Arrived Bombay.
  20.12.1910 - Withdrawn from Australia - India run for use in the Indian coastal trade.

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