Brig. Robin Hood


Official Number Date Builder Tonnage L B D Fate
54797 1867 William May, Shoreham, UK 297 119.3 26.7 14.9 Struck a rock and sank in Bass Strait, Dec 1884
Capt Colin McDonald - Master 1882 - 1884


  03.01.1882 - Sailed Kaipara Nz bound Melbourne Australia
  21.01.1882 - Arrived Melbourne, C McDonald Master, Passengers: Mr Hector McDonald
  07.02.1882 - Sailed Melbourne for Kaipara in ballast, C McDonald Master
  23.02.1882 - Arrived Kaipara From Melbourne
  21.03.1882 - Arrived Launceston from Melbourne, C McDonald Master. Cargo, 50 cases of stout, 154 ft of red dressed pine, 1968 ft of undressed gum, 115 bales of corn sacks, 21 pkgs of furniture, 2 bales of flock, 1 case of beer, 2 cases of chairs, 6450 pcs of dressed timber, 50 boxes of clothes pins, 23,883 roofing slates, 50 brls of plaster, 1675 pkgs bone dust, a quantity of undressed timber.
  16.04.1882 - Sailed from Kaipara for Melbourne
  09.05.1882 - Arrived Sydney from Kaipara, Master injured
  05.07.1882 Sailed Sydney to Kaipara C McDonald Master, Cargo: Ballast.
  12.09.1882 Arrived Melbourne from Kaipara (sailed 18.08.1882)Master C McDonald. Cargoā€¯ 20,000 Ft flitches, 40,000 ft sawn timber, 180,000 ft dressed Kauri pine.
  22.09.1882 Cargo of Kauri pine ex Robin Hood sold in melbourne at the following average prices per 100ft superfine: Sawn boards, Lin, 22s; dressed boards 7/8in, 23s per 100 ft, Lineal; T&G flooring, 6 x 7/8in , 9s 9d; ditto, 4 x 1 1/8 in, 8s 9d.
  25.09.1882 Sailed Melbourne Aus bound Nz

06.10.1882 Arrived Kaipara


30.10.1882 Sailed from Kaipara bound for Melbourne

  16.11.1882 - Passed Deal Island
  18.11.1882 Arrived Melbourne, Master C McDonald. Passengers: Mrs McDonald and child, Miss Bruce. Cargo: 222,000 Ft timber, 9836 ft dressed timber, 5800 pickets, 5 rough hewn logs.

05.12.1882 Kauri timber ex Robin Hood sold in Melbourne at the following average prices (at 100ft superficial) : Hewn logs, 16s; sawn flitches, 15s 6d; sawn boards, lin, 19s.

  13.12.1882 Sailed Melbourne bound Onehunga Nz C McDonald Master, Cargo: 6 Cases wine, 2037 bags of bone dust, 50 bags superphosphate.
  27.12.1882 Arrived Onehunga from Melbourne
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