ss. IPOH



Official Number Date Builder Tonnage L B D Fate
123905 1908 Caledon Shipbuilding & Engineering 1279 244.2 35.1 14.9 Scuttled at Batavia 1942.
Capt Murdoch McDonald - Master 1919


1908 30.06.1908 - Launched
  09.1908 - Completed
  20.08.1919 - Arrived Singapore from Penang, M. Mcdonald Master
  27.09.1919 - Arrived Singapore from Penang, M. Mcdonald Master
1942 Ipoh was bombed by Japanese Aircraft in Singapore Roads and badly damaged, Abandoned by her Chinese crew, only the Master was left aboard.
  25.02.1942 - Sailed from Singapore with scratch crew, 300 R.A.F. personel and 200 women and children. Arrived at Batavia.
  05.03.1942 - Unable to obtain repairs or fuel, she was abandoned and Scuttled by her crew in Batavia Harbour.


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