Ketch Rigged

The distinguishing characteristic of a ketch is that the forward of the two masts (the "mainmast") is larger than the aft mast (the "mizzen"). The ketch is generally gaff rigged.

Schooner Rigged

Although a schooner may have up to seven masts, the typical schooner has only two, with the foremast shorter than the mainmast. Traditional schooners were gaff rigged, with the the foresail occuping the inter-mast space. A two-masted schooner has the mainsail on the aft mast, and its other mast is the foremast. A topsail schooner is square rigged on the top of the foremast.

Brigantine Rigged

A Brigantine is a vessel with two masts, whose foremast is square-rigged like that of the full-rigged brig. The mainmast, carries a large fore-and-aft mainsail, above which are one or more yards where a square main-topsail and topgallant sail are carried.

Brig Rigged

A full-rigged Brig is a vessel with two square rigged masts (fore and main).The main mast of a brig is the aft one. To improve maneuverability, the mainmast carries a small gaff rigged fore and aft sail.

Barquentine Rigged

A Barquentine is a three or more masted vessel with a square rigged foremast and fore and aft rigged main, mizzen (and any other masts).

Barque Rigged

A barque (never bark) is a three or more masted vessel with a square rigged foremast and mainmasts and a fore and aft rigged mizzen.

Fully Rigged Ship

A full-rigged ship or fully rigged ship is a sailing vessel with three or more masts, all of them square rigged. A full-rigged ship is said to have a ship rig or be ship-rigged.



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